The active chapter is ever seeking to reconnect with brothers who have shared in the benefits of membership here at LA Alpha. We host several events throughout the year and always encourage our alumni to attend. However, should you find yourself in a position where you are unable to readily visit the chapter house and still wish to contribute in some way to the better health of the chapter, please contact us. All donations will be put to positive use in helping us purchase supplies for the house as well as materials to be used in our various philanthropies.  Additionally, the chapter is currently planning on building an extension to the house, and alumni donations would go a long way in helping us complete this project. Please reach out to us, introduce yourself, and take your place in our growing community of alumni supporters. As undergraduates we would love to meet even more of our alumni and hear about your great times and memories from your active days in the chapter as well as your present endeavors.

LA Alpha Alumni please take a moment to sign up for a our new electronic alumni database.